Introducing ourselves….

Off the Grid Travel offers travel itineraries to destinations at least a little bit, sometimes quite a bit, unplugged from the tourist grid. Our trips are to places we have personally visited and have fallen in love with. Places that are at least a little off the well-trodden tourist path. Places that are often in nature, although not always. Places that may not have TV stations, public transport, supermarkets. Places that don’t necessarily have telephone or Wi-Fi service.  Places in which you can enjoy a digital detox if you wish.  Places you might not have heard of, or considered visiting. But always places of beauty and heart.

We at Off the Grid Travel do love to… well…travel. We are always planning the next trip, researching destinations, and doing our best to explore first hand those unplugged places so that we can create a range of itineraries for like-minded travellers. Our trips are not guided; our itineraries are not set in stone. Most trips can be adjusted (shorter/longer) or customised to include specific must-see, must-do interests.

We have given our destinations an ‘Off-The-Grid-Level’ (see right) rating so that you can better choose your perfect trip (or trips!).

Flights are not usually included in our itineraries, however from time to time we will offer trip deals which include flight pricing.

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Phone service (mostly), internet (mostly), TV if you like, hot showers, modern toilets, shops

Phone service patchy, internet patchier, TV signal scarce, occasional long drops, shops few

Phone service rarely, hilltop only internet, foot-power essential, cold showers (maybe), no shops

Phone useless, internet a memory, loo not guaranteed (trees available), no electricity, bathe in a stream